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User Manual for MMV- Therapy, Cem-Tech Super”

Cem-Tech - Four   Cem-Tech Five


Preface....................................................................................... 4

1. Before you start.........................................…………............. 5

2. The Instrument...……………………………………..…….. 6

3. Quick guide…………………………………………............ 7

4. Program 1 and 2...…………………………………..……… 8

4.1 Program 1 – Millimeter Therapy..………………...……… 9

4.2 Program 2 – FRI Therapy...………………………...…….. 9

4.2.1 More information about FRI-therapy…………..…….…10

5. Structured water ...............……………………. …....….…. 12

6. Recommended Health Programs, Step by Step..........….…. 13

6.1 Anti-stress Treatment........…………….………….......…. 13

6.2 Detox step by step.........................………………............. 14

6.2.1 Detox of urinary system.......……………………........... 14

6.2.2 Detox of intestines..………………………….…..….…. 15

6.2.3 Detox of liver ...............………………………….......... 15

6.2.4 Detox of blood……………………………………….... 16

6.3 Activation of different body systems…………….…........ 16

6.3.1 Spinal activation........…………..….…….………….… 16

6.3.2 Energetic centers activation......……………………….. 17

6.3.3 Neuroendocrine system activation…………………….. 17

6.3.4 Immune system activation..............................……........ 18

7. Other Programs/Therapies for various types of symptoms..19

8. More information about Millimeter Wave Therapy…,……20

9. Research results ...……………………………….....…….. 25



Naturopathic Excellence, because naturopathic excellence cannot happen by accident




Cem-Tech Manual


Millimeter Wave Therapy (MMV) is a revolutionary new technology used in health care.

It was developed by prominent Russian researchers under the guidance of N.D. Devatkov, Academy member, and Professor S.P. Sitko.


Millimeter waves have the same frequencies as the cells that communicate within our bodies. Imbalances in these waves are a basic cause for health problems. With the powerful CEM-TECH,device, which produces millimeter waves, you establish contact with the frequencies of the body which empowers your body to correct the imbalances which promote lack of health or challenge to health..


The resonances which are created by these frequencies in the body have very low radiation levels even though they produce results. The millimeter wave therapy does not cure any illnesses, but reinforces the healing forces of the body itself. These healing forces of the body are restored by strengthening the cell membrane, which is the cell area contact to the rest of the body.


This method has undergone clinical tests for many years, which have proven greatly successful. Russian tests show that "regardless of the kind of illness, the millimeter waves have a normalizing effect on the parameters of the immune system, increase micro circulation, balance the metabolism of the body, retard aging and extend length of life, lower the risk for ontological diseases, strengthen the power of medicine and offset its adverse side effects, shorten the period of treatment, improve the health status for patients with infarcts and strokes, speed up the healing of fractures by two to three times and has an undisputed pain-relieving effect". By using the same frequencies and strengths, which the cells of the body themselves employ, the treatment produces no side-effects.  How fast the results could be seen, depends upon the extent of the problem and the state of the patient.  New injuries have a faster healing than old ones and young people have a more speedy recovery than older ones. (See Section 8 More Information on MMV and Section 9 Research Results)


Fon Resonance Recording (FRI) is a separate modality of Millimeter Wave Therapy, which enables you to "record" new frequencies and to return the information to the body. It operates like a kind of electronic homoeopathy and is a unique method of therapy. (Read more about FRI-therapy under Section 4.2 Program 2 FRI Therapy).


1.     To consider before you start the therapy


Every treatment is therapy for the body. When you start a clean-up, the body starts to dispose of toxins. These can cause various types of reactions, e.g. fatigue, indisposition, diarrhea, fever, headaches, perspiration. These effects are in no way dangerous but can be arduous. We, therefore, recommend a time of treatment not exceeding 30 minutes a day (less for elderly and children). For FRI-therapy there is no time limit.


Various types of other treatments, as well as chemicals in the food we eat, may weaken/reinforce the results. Therefore, follow the recommendations after each section. Each treatment ought to be started with the Anti-stress program (Section 6.1) in order to prepare and calm the body and make it receptive to the pending treatment.


For an effective (total) treatment, regardless of symptoms at hand, we recommend that you start out with a cleaning procedure described in total under Section 6 "Recommended Health Programs, Step by Step".

Treatment of severe illnesses MUST be conducted under the supervision of a doctor. In such cases the treatment with the MMV device should be considered more as an adjunct in a complex healing procedure. We, therefore, recommend continuing medication according to the doctor΄s directions.


2.     Equipment


In order to make the Millimeter Wave Therapy more efficient, the new model of Cem-Tech has a modulation mode of therapy for various kinds of health issues. In addition to the basic and FRI-program, there are 9 programs with different modulated frequencies and time settings depending upon health issues. These options are available only in the new “Super” Cem-Tech model.


The “Super” Cem-Tech model is a portable unit equipped with two channels and replaceable crystals. It has a display for the program selected and time. It is operated by two 1.5 volt AA-batteries and has a built-in indicator that flashes when the level of battery is low.


Cem-Tech Six      Cem-Tech Seven    Cem-Tech Eight

1. Main unit

2. Display

3. Program choice (Push here to select program)

4. On/off

5. Wires to detectors

6. Detectors

7. Program on/off

8. Battery compartment (2 pcs. 1.5 Volt AA)


DISPLAY EXPLANATION:   When you choose a program.

1. Shows program chosen

2. Shows number of seconds - When you have started the program:

3. Shows time used

4. Indicator, detector 1

5. Indicator, detector 2


Cem-Tech is equipped with 2 pcs white/yellow detectors. Other colors are available for different therapies. See below. These other colors are not included in base package and have to be ordered separately.


Yellow/white 42-100 GHz, - 7, 1 - 3 mm        General therapy

Red, 42,3 GHz,                       7,1 mm            Activates haemoglobin to bring oxygen to the cells.

Green, 53, 8 GHz,                  5, 6 mm           Detox lymph and clears blockages

Blue, 63 GHz,                         4, 9 mm           Endocronical system, hormonal balance


3.     Quick guide of how to operate the CEM-Tech


Reminder: Always start with program 3, Anti-Stress Therapy, before proceeding to other programs (See Section 6.1)


The CEM-Tech has three switches on the front:

*Press first the right arrow switch to start the device. Press until you see searched number on the display. Forward with the right arrow and backward with the left.

*Then press the round switch to start the CEM-Tech

*Use the white/flat side of the crystal against the skin when making therapy

*If you want to turn off the CEM-Tech before the program is completed, press again on the round switch

Available programs

Program          1 General/local treatment (directly on area of problem or on points of acupuncture)

Program          2 FRI-Therapy

Program          3 Anti-Stress Treatments

Program          4 Mouth and Throat support

Program          5 Heart and Vascular support

Program          6 Respiratory Organ support

Program          7 Stomach and Intestine support

Program          8 Arms and Legs support

Program          9 Sexual Organ support

Program          10 Skin support

Program          11 Immune System support


See Table in Section 7 to find out which acupuncture points should be treated in respective programs in the table.


4.     Program 1 And Program 2   -     Bridge To Naturopathic Excellence


CEM-Tech has 11 programs, of which 9 are linked to various health concerns. These are described separately in Section 7 (Other Programs/Therapies for various types of symptoms). Apart from the acupuncture points recommended in the Table, you could directly approach the problem area with the appropriate program.


Millimeter Waves are transmitted with program 1. Use this program for general treatment when you wish to fortify the body, either by locally addressing various organs/areas or focusing directly on acupuncture points or if you wish to treat a issue that is not covered in any of the programs. (Read more about MMWs under Section 8 ("More information about Millimeter Wave Therapy").


Through Program 2, FRI-therapy, the CEM-Tech copies frequencies from specific places in the body and stores the information in the crystal. When you disconnect the cord from the crystal, the information is transmitted back to the body when placed on the area that the information was taken from thus it is treated with its own frequency, like homeopathy. The FRI-therapy is a new and revolutionary method that has endless prospects. Limits are set only by your own fantasy! (Read more about the FRI-therapy and its prospects under Section 4.2 "Program 2 FRI-Therapy” and Section 9 “Research Results").


4.1Program 1 - Therapy of Millimeter Waves (How you start)


As you run program 1, a timer is activated. The timer is programmed to run for 10 minutes and you can see the elapsed time on the display. The time is counted from 600 seconds down. The CEM-Tech gives signals during the treatment and is automatically shut off when time is up. The time of the treatment depends on the issue and the patient’s status. Note:  always start with an Anti-stress treatment. (Read more under Section 6 "Anti-Stress Treatment").


Start the program this way:

�� Press the right arrow switch once for program. A number 1 is shown on the display.

�� Press the round switch (start/off) once. The CEM-Tech starts.

�� Now you treat acupuncture points or locally on organs/areas of pain.

�� Place the white, flat side of the crystal against the body when treating.


4.2 Program 2 FRI-therapy (How you start)


When starting Program 2 a timer will start. This is programmed for 60 seconds and the time can be seen on the display. The time is shown from 60 seconds down. When recording - the CEM-Tech will beep, and is automatically shuts down when time is over. How often you copy information depends on how "old" the problem is. Chronic problems should be copied a few times every 24 hours. For acute injuries you may reimprint information every fifteen minutes, as the process of healing is faster and so there will be more rapid changes Other Programs/Therapies for various types of symptoms of the information in the body.


OBSERVE! To have the crystal start sending the information back you must withdraw the crystal from the cord and place it on the area of the body to be addressed. Remember to empty the crystal of information before you treat another area.


Use the program the following way:

�� Keep/tape the crystal, white side against the skin, on the spot where you wish to copy information.

�� Press twice on the right arrow switch (for program). A number 2 is shown on the display.

�� Press once on the round switch (on/off). The CEM-Tech will start.

�� Aft Other Programs/Therapies for various types of symptoms er 60 seconds the CEM-Tech has copied information onto the crystal. Now disconnect the cord from the crystal in order to send back information to the body/water etc.

�� To clean the crystal lift it up in the air, press the right arrow switch twice and press the round switch once (same as above).


4.2.1. More information about FRI-therapy and true naturopathic excellence


 Fon Resonance Recording (FRI-therapy) is a separate branch of the Millimeter Wave Therapy, which makes it possible to "record" frequencies and transmit the information recorded to the body.

The detachable crystal, which is used for the FRI-function, consists of a semiconductor crystal, an invention by Russian scientists, without parallel in the world. The crystal acts as a hard disc in a computer. You can store frequency information from people, animals, plants, food, medicines etc. When the recording stage is over you remove the crystal from the cord, and the crystal sends back the information that it recorded.


If you record frequencies for 60 seconds, the crystal can store the information for at least five years. In order to erase the information you run the same program again with the crystal up in the air. It is important to clear the crystal if CEM-Tech is being used with different patients.

FRI-therapy acts as a kind of homeopathy. The crystal adjusts itself automatically to every pathogenic (disease creating factor, e.g. a virus), which has invaded the body or pain areas of various kinds, and registers a kind of "disease photo".


The crystal does not care what kind of virus or germ is harming the body. It does not know what it is "photographing". Therefore, it is the task of human beings to find the zone which is the optimal for the crystal. The rest is done by the crystal itself - it takes pictures and influences the pain spot with the same frequencies as it has absorbed. This natural vibration exchanges the characteristics of the disease in the body and destroys them. The length of the treatment depends on how far the disease has developed.

Healthy cells also respond to the radio waves but because of their great numbers this influence is restricted compared with the effects on the pathogenically micro-organisms which are spread throughout the body. For healthy cells they are just a wholesome stimulus.


The principles behind this method are well researched and clinically confirmed by many years of investigation in Russian hospitals and other places. The CEM-Tech underwent a number of clinical trials before it was approved and certified by the Health Department in Russia. The CEM-Tech is presently used by medical staff, veterinarians and biologists in Russia and other countries.


The law of homeopathy is that like effects like. Homeopathic medicine is diluted and has an effect only in the case that the homeopath selects just the right remedy. FRI-therapy acts according to the same principle, but is easier to handle as the information is copied directly from the body and therefore little mistakes can be made. The information is recorded on the crystal from the body itself and then it is released from the cord and is taped directly on the spot of the body which should be healed.


You can also charge water by placing the same crystal on thin plastic folio covering the surface of water in a jug. One minute is enough for one a half liter of water. Drink the water during the day. This is an additional method used to get the frequencies into the body.


Imagine that you have throat pain. First, you copy the frequencies from you throat by pressing the crystal against the painful area. Then, charge the water which you will drink and then tape the crystal to the throat. Recharge the crystal every other hour in order to update the information that corresponds to the actual healing process of your throat.


The information is present in all body fluids, such as saliva, tears, urine and even excrements. To get this information into the crystal, place some body fluid under a thin plastic folio, in order not to stain or wet the crystal, then "record" it onto the crystal.


Urine and saliva are very effective as they carry all frequencies of the body. Saliva could be useful when curing an influenza, otherwise urine is most effective.


When you have eye issues, tears are to be recommended, but frequencies can also be recorded from acupuncture points associate with the eyes.


You can also sleep with crystals directly on the eye lids, after information from the eyes has been recorded.

• Inflammation is the natural way for the body to fight micro-organisms, but as an inflammation becomes chronic, the body is deprived of much energy to fight it. Through FRI-therapy, the body gets the energy to heal twice as fast. Copy the frequencies from the struggle that is ongoing in the body, and by sending back the frequencies to the body, its resistance is reinforced.

The FRI-therapy can be used for all types of issues. There are no known side-effects.

This technology has unlimited applications.

Some of them are:

�� Informative reading of illnesses such as common pain, sources of infections, viruses, parasites and bacteria which later could be traced back to the source. Bio-resonance destroys the pathology and restores the cells of the body and their normal function. Even a hard-tackled virus such as Borelli could advantageously be restored by the CEM-Tech. Fever and inflammations could disappear in 3 to 4 days.

�� It is possible to relieve the pain almost at once. It is known that pain creates changes in magnetic frequencies in defected cells. The crystal reads this change and restores the cells to their healthy radiation. In this way the pathologic information to the nerve receptors stop and there is no longer any pain. It is successful in 90 to 95 per cent of all treatments.


5. Structured water is a powerful form of naturopathic excellence


All the biochemical reactions of the body are activated through the body fluids. From the beginning our fluids are structured, but the structure will gradually decrease due to age and stressors in life. The Millimeter Wave Therapy structures the fluids of the body as well as water by using the Cem-Tech. Structured water lifts the level of energy in general and strengthens the effect of all treatments. The more structured water we drink, the better. In addition, it makes the fluids of the body structured, which contributes to making the communications of the cells more effective. The taste of wine and fruit juices can be improved by using this same method.


Structured water is fresh for about 24 hours. Therefore, always structure new water every day. Do it the following way:

Program                       1

Time                             1 minute

Color of crystal             Yellow

Volume of water           1.5 liter


Fill a jar with water. Cover it with plastic folio touching the water surface. Put the crystal on the plastic cover (it must absolutely not be wet). Start the program. After 1 minute stop by pressing the round button. The structure process of the water is now completed. (You can structure the water by extending the time to more than 1 minute)

Recommendation: To reach the best result you should always use structured water when using the CEM-Tech. You can also use, with good results, structured water when treating animals and plants,


6. Recommended Health Program Step By Step     -   Engaging your naturopathic excellence


Every step of the treatment must be carried out separately.

Recommendation: The programs below could be done once a year as prevention.


6.1 Anti-stress Treatment


All Cem-Tech treatments are started out with an anti-stress treatment in order to calm the body down and make it more receptive to the pending treatment, regardless of the program/issue.


Program: 3 Points of acupuncture MC 6 (right side) TR 5 (right side)

Time 5 minutes (10 at occasions with much stress) Color of crystal Yellow, Accessory Bracelet


Psychology of Longevity Cem-Tech Nine   Psychology of Longevity Cem-Tech Ten


Start the program this way:

�� Attach the crystal on both sides of the forearm (three fingers from the wrist fold, in the center). Upper side arm = TR5, lower side arm=MC6. A special bracelet could be used also.

�� Press 3 times on the right arrow switch. A figure 3 is shown on the display.

�� Press once the round switch. The CEM-Tech starts.



6.2 Detoxification of the Whole Body


This cleaning should be done by everybody to strengthen the body once a year. Each step of the treatment is done separately. Several detoxifications must NOT be done simultaneously.


6.2.1. Cleansing Of the Urine System


This is done in order to clean the body from hard metals, quicksilver, radioactivity, waste products, parasites, etc.

Program 2

Time 4 minutes a day for 5 days

Color of crystal Yellow

Structured water 1.5 liters

Record information from the morning urine (empty stomach) by covering the urine with plastic folio and place the crystal on the plastic.

Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and place it on a plastic folio attached to a jar with 1.5 liter structured water. Leave it for two minutes. Clean the crystal. Drink the water during the day. Repeat the cleansing for 5 days.

Recommendation: Physical action facilitates the release of waste products. It helps to drink urine urging tea 1 to 2 glasses a day.


6.2.2 Cleansing Of Intestines


In order to clean the body from parasites, infections, fungal growth, candida, etc.

Program 2

Time 4 minutes day for 5 days

Color of crystal Yellow

Structured water 1.5 liters

Record information from morning feces (the bowel preferably in the morning) by covering the evacuation with plastic folio and place the crystal on top of the plastic. Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and place it on the plastic folio on top of a jug filled with 1.5 liters structured water. Leave it for two minutes. Clean the crystal. Drink the water during the day. Repeat the cleansing for 5 days.

Recommendation: Reduce consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates during the cleansing period and engage in some sort of physical activity each day.


6.2.3 Cleansing Of the Liver


Program: 2

Time 8-12 hours/night for 5 nights

Color of crystal Yellow

Use tape to fasten the crystal on the area of the liver (on the right side just below the ribs). Use tape to attach the crystal. Run program 2 (60 seconds).

Release the crystal from the cord and have the crystal stay overnight (at least 8 hours). Thereafter, clean the crystal. Repeat the cleansing for 5 nights.


Recommendation: In order to facilitate cleansing of the liver take gall driving medicine every morning; one tablespoon of olive oil mixed with one tablespoon of lemon juice.


6.2.4 Cleansing Of the Blood


Program: 2

Time 8-12 hours a day during 5 nights

Color of crystal Yellow

Time of day Morning/midday

Record information from morning urine (empty stomach) by covering the urine with plastic folio and place the crystal on top of the plastic.

Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and attach the crystal with tape on a blood vein (preferably on the arm fold). Let the crystal stay in place at least through the day (not less than 8 hours).

Thereafter, clean the crystal. Repeat the cleansing during 5 nights.

Recommendations: For a more effective result drink 0.5 to 1.0 liter mixture red beet juice (1/3) and carrot juice (2/3).


6.3 Activating Various Systems of the Body


After the cleansing of the body it helps if you continue to activate the various systems of the body to gain optimal health.


6.3.1 Activating the Spine


Many health problems are related to the spine. The cleansing eliminates tensions from muscles and inflammations originating from the spine and speeds up the healing process.

Program: 1

Time 6-7 minutes for 5 days

Color of crystal Yellow

Time of day any time

Treat the back in three steps: start with the middle of the spine, place the crystal on the top part of the spine and move it slowly downwards (about two minutes). Then, treat the left side (the size of one thumb) from the center the same way. Conclude with the right side in the same way. Repeat the treatment for5 days.

Recommendation: The result will be better with a light massage every other day. If no help is available to treat the back, use the back of your hand, according to the picture in the ATLAS.


6.3.2 Activating 6 Energetic Centers

Program: 1

Time: 6.-7 minutes for 5 days

Color of crystal Yellow

Time of day: Any time

Run program 1 as below:

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VG 20 for 30seconds

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VC 22 for 60 seconds

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VC 17 for 60 seconds

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VC 14 for 60 seconds

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VC 8 for 60 seconds

Place the crystal on acupuncture point VC 1 for 60 seconds

Recommendation: For best result, focus on the center you are working with.


6.3.3 Activating the Neuro-endochrine System


This system balances the right and left brain and the hormone system.

Program: 2

Time: 8-12 hours a day for 16 days

Color of crystal Yellow or blue

Time of the day Evening/night

Night 1: Fasten your crystal on your left temple. Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and let the crystal stay over night (at least 8 hours). Clean the crystal.


Night 2: Fasten your crystal with tape on your right temple. Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and let the crystal stay over night (at least 8 hours). Clean the crystal. Repeat this            treatment for 8 days, 4 days on the left side and 4 days on the right side.


 Psychology of Longevity Cem-Tech Eleven

Next step: Thyroid Glands

Night 1: Fasten the crystal with tape on the left thyroid gland.

Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and let the Crystal stay over night (at least 8 hours). Clean the crystal.

Night 2: Fasten the crystal with tape on the right thyroid gland.

Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and let the

Crystal stay over night (at least 8 hours). Clean the crystal. Repeat the

cleansing for 8 days, alternate 4 days on left side and 4 days on right side.


6.3.4 Activation of the Immune System


Program: FRI

Time 8-12 hours a day for 8 nights

Color of crystal Yellow or red

Time of the day: Evening/night

Place the crystal on your Thymus. Fasten the crystal with tape. Run program 2 (60 seconds). Release the crystal from the cord and let the crystal stay over night (at least 8 hours). Repeat the cleansing for 8 nights.

Psychology of Longevity Cem-Tech Twelve

Psychology of Longevity Cem-Tech Thirteen


7. Other programs. Therapy for various types of symptoms


When you use the various programs a timer is activated. The timer is programmed according to the time needed for the time in question and you can follow the time count down on the display. Time is measured in seconds. Each program according to the table below, is in operation for 10 days and can be repeated 2-3 times, but with a rest period of 5 days in between treatments.


REMEMBER before any period of treatment always start with program 3, anti-stress-treatment!

�� Press the right arrow switch and search for the selected program.

�� Press on the round switch once.

�� The CEM-Tech starts operating.

�� Treat the items according to the Table below. It is recommended that you select the time that is recorded/programmed in the Table below.

�� Use the white/flat side of the crystal.


Therapy of organs or organ systems with pathological issues with the CEM-Tech model “Super” use the following table:


Organs or systems with

pathological changes.                         Program #            Acupuncture points            Time in min          Detector color


”Anti-stress program”

Psycho-emotional disturbances

(Neurasthenia), sleeping difficulties,

Depression                                                           3              MC 6 (right hand side)

TR 5 (right hand side)                        5              yellow

Mouth and/or throat problems

(Inflammation, infection  m.m.)                         4              GI 11

VC 20                                                   10           yellow

Heart: other circulation problems

(dystonic, hypertonic, hypotonic)                      5              GI 15, MC 6

E 36, RP 6                                             10           yellow

Breathing problems (cold, asthma,

Inflammation in bronchi’s)                                6              VC 20, GI 4

GI 20, P7                                               5              yellow

Stomach- and intestinal problems

(hemorrhoids, hepatitis,

sensitive stomach)                                               7              E 36, C 7, F13

VB 39, RP 4, RP 6, V6                       10           yellow

Dyskinesia (arthritis, arthro,

osteochondro)                                                       8              V 62, VB 34,GI 4,

VB 20, V 60, V 28                               10           yellow

Discharge: and genital problems

(nephritis, inflammation of

bladder, prostate, etc. )                                       9              R 6, E 25, RP 6, R 7                          4              yellow


Skin problems

(allergies, dermatitis etc.)                                 10           C 7, P 7                                                  3              yellow


Weak immune system                                        11           MC 6, E 36                                            10           yellow



8. More Information about MMV


Millimeter Wave Therapy - a modern health treatment for all

For 30 years Millimeter Wave Therapy was well-researched in Russia based on hundreds of investigations and thousands of references. MMV operates on a natural basis, with very effective results and no reported side effects. It removes symptoms and restores organs, and system structures - a precondition for a lasting result of the treatment. In the year 2000 Russian scientists and researchers employing the Millimeter Wave Therapy in the fields of biology and medicine, were awarded the most prestigious state prize in Russia (equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the Western World).


What are millimeter waves?


Millimeter waves are the language that our cells use for intercommunication. Each cell is active and vibrates on a certain frequency. Such vibrations create wave movements. It is proven that every structure in the world is permeated with such "mini" vibrations, which makes it possible to understand the existence of, and the future for, the development of the body.


According to quantum mechanical models, every object is double-natured, it has one material and one electromagnetic component, where everything vibrates and every cell is a part of an overlapping context.

Millimeter waves (=radio waves) have frequencies between 42.3 and 100 GHz (gigahertz). It is according to these waves the membranes of our cells vibrate and intercommunicate. Imbalances in these waves create health issues. The millimeter waves instruments generate waves with the same strength as the body’s, about 10 to the power of -10 mw/cm square, which is a billion times less than the radiation from a mobile telephone.


How does a Millimeter Wave Therapy function?


It is well known that the body consists of cells and that each cell acts like a factory which receives nourishment and oxygen and disposes of waste products. This is done through the membranes of the cells. The membrane charge is 60-90 mV (millivolt). If the strength is lower or higher, the cell is acting with less capacity. The instrument for the millimeter waves produces the same frequencies as the membranes of the cells. When the frequency gets in touch with the body, a resonance is created which reinforces the vibrations of the cell. In this way the millimeter waves increase the charge of the membranes of the cell. The charge is kept steady with the help of the millimeter frequencies.

When these frequencies are changed, the charge is changed and the functions of the cells accordingly. This is the first effect of the influence of the millimeter waves.


A second effect is related to receptors. Every cell has receptors which receive information from outside. If the receptors have reduced sensitivity to hormones and signal substances, the cells are less efficient.

A receptor can be more or less active. The millimeter waves activate the receptors so that they become more sensitive and receive information more efficiently.


The third effect of the millimeter waves is improvement of the communication of the cells. The human body consists of 10 to the power of 16 number of cells. In order to have such a complicated system function without disturbances, a certain mechanism to synchronize the functions of the body is needed. Cem-Tech modulates the frequencies of the body within the area which is treated and acts as a synchronizing mechanism. It restores the "healthy rhythm” of the body which was lost during the sickness. In this way the internal system for information flow of the body is protected.

One of the strong effects of the millimeter waves is the dilution of the blood. This is of great importance particularly for elderly people. Millimeter waves are spread throughout the body by extracellular liquids, skin receptors and energetic meridians, which through resonance restore the vibrations of the membranes. This improves the functions of the cells and their communications.


Effects of Millimeter wave therapy


Tests conducted in Russia show that, "regardless of the kind” of the disease, millimeter waves normalize the parameters of the immune system, increase microcirculation, balance the metabolism of the body, retard aging and prolong life, prevent the development of diseases and the prevent acute diseases from becoming chronic, reduce the risk of illness with oncological diseases, increase the efficiency of medication and reduce their toxicity and side effects, shorten treatment time and improves health status for patient suffering from heart infarcts and strokes, speed up the healing of fractures 2.5 to 3 times and, in addition, have a pain-relieving effect. As the millimeter waves activate the receptors of the cells, which become more sensitive to hormones and enzymes, it could be an advantage also for the use in cosmetic treatment to stimulate the skin and reduce wrinkles. The skin becomes less moist with age, but by strengthening the cell membrane and improving blood circulation the vigor can be restored.



Tests that have been performed:

The instruments for Millimeter wave therapy have undergone extensive clinical tests for more than 8 years at leading Russian hospitals. Just in Russia the clinical efficiency of MT has been studied on 20,680 patients during 1993-2000. In these cases 96.94% showed positive results (recovery - great improvement, improvement). The therapeutic effect failed for only 3.06% of the participants. The MT instruments are recommended for use by the Medical Health Ministry of the Russian Federation and are certified. The methods of treatment are ratified by the same authority.


Type of illness                      Large improvement             Improvement         No change             Worsening

Circulation organs                               36.1                                         61.2             2.7                            -

Skeleton and muscles                          25.7                                         72.7             1.6                            -

Digestive organs                                  73.4                                         24.1             2.5                            -

Respiratory systems                            37.7                                         53.4             8.9                            -

Neural system                                       66.4                                         33.2             0.4                            -

Ear-nose-throat                                    69.4                                         30.6                -                             -

Skin                                                        42.4                                         54.6            3.0                             -

Surgical illnesses                                 93.1                                         6.9                -                              -

Damages on skeleton,

Ligaments and muscle systems         27.3                                         63.6            9.1                             -

Damages on discharge and

Sexual systems                                     14.3                                         85.7              -                               -


Sum                                                      44.5                                        51.9            3.6                            -


MT’s influence on the membranes of the blood cells has been thoroughly investigated. An improvement in the blood structure has been noted, increased content of lymphocytes in general and of T-lymphocytes

(Important factors in immune protection) in particular, and an increase of antioxidants and biologically active substances. MT normalizes important indicators of blood coagulation in heart- and vascular diseases, among them vascular spasm heart infarct. In addition, it stimulates the blood formation, which is the reason for its use when treating of oncological patients. MT also influences the filling of blood vessels, the dynamics of the lymph stream and the transportation of various substances and gases.


The use of the classical Millimeter Wave Therapy depends on all systems of the body, such as blood, lymph systems, etc. having resonance frequencies within the MMV interval. Studies have. been conducted  on the hemoglobin of the blood and on the magnetic resonance level of the nucleus.

The hemoglobin is activated at 42.194 GHz, which increases the ability of the red blood cells to forward oxygen up to three times. This speeds up the healing of damaged tissues and the detoxification of the body. Therefore, treatment with this frequency has a common function in a number of pathological processes. Thanks to this effect, this method is most effective when treating areas and zones with abundant flow of blood, as arteries and veins.


One of the most important mechanisms in MT is the activation of endorphins - the hormones of joy. It influences the pain syndrome positively, the reconstruction of the tissues, the tones of the vessels and the microcirculation. MT has a clearly stimulating effect on the immune system.


The activation of the antioxidant system of the body, which takes place at MT, blocks the oxidizing processes of the lipids, which plays a role in the appearance of certain diseases and their deterioration. MT has proved to be irreplaceable for rehabilitation after heart infarct and stroke, and - which is most important - for the prevention of these state of diseases.


High efficiency, reduction of the use of medications and the absence of side effects, which are proven by many years of clinical research, means that MT can be recommended for treatment in a broad range of applications and as use in preventing various diseases.


The principles behind the methodologies are elaborately researched and clinically confirmed by investigations over years at Russian hospitals and institutions. The CEM-Tech has undergone numerous clinical tests before it was approved and certified by the Health Department in Russia. The CEM-Tech is presently employed by medical staff, veterinarians and biologists in Russia and other countries. The resonance crystal, which is the heart of the technology, was invented by Professor A. Kozhemjakin. This crystal can be operated in various frequency areas. These crystals are capable of recording information from all conceivable biological objects and keeping this information with no time restrictions.


Cem-Tech- A Unique Means To Stay Healthy


Cem-Tech - the CEM-Tech using Millimeter Wave Therapy, with its crystal with semiconductor (gallium arsenide) operates like a hard disc on a computer. The CEM-Tech has three outstanding forms of therapy. The first is a unique function, so called FRI-therapy (Fon Resonance Radiation). The crystal can store information from human beings, plants, food or other objects. When the storing is completed the crystal starts to reflect the recorded information back to the body or water in the form of extremely weak radio waves. During this process, functions of bacteria and microorganisms are oppressed, and they die within a short time. In this way, an electromagnetic component of resistance for the power of the body is created, which completes the immunity against inoculations. The healthy cells also respond to the radio waves but owing to their great numbers this influence is small compared to the effect on pathogenic micro-organisms which are dispersed through the body. For healthy cells it is nothing other than wholesome stimulation. The FRI-therapy thus acts as a kind of electronic homoeopathy, as both therapies start from the assumption that like influences like and function according to the same principle. The advantage with the FRI-therapy is that the information is collected directly from the body and, thus, the risk to "dose" wrongly is excluded. Information can also be transferred from various excretions from the body: saliva, urine, tears and even evacuation (all that is recorded on the crystal can be transferred to drinking-water as the water has the ability to receive and store information and the water then drunk in order get a further homoeopathic effect).


The second function is cleaning of organs, which is considerably more efficient than other forms of treatment. The third function is local treatment on the pain spot.


The combination of Millimeter Wave Therapy and FRI-therapy in the same CEM-Tech device offers unique possibilities for people to improve their health and prevent illness in a natural way.

The different applications are many and the areas of use are in principle unlimited.

�� One of the greatest advantages of using the CEM-Tech is its ability to eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses and infections.

�� Through bio-resonance pathology is destroyed and normal functions of the body cells are restored. Even such a hard-tackled virus as Borelli is advantageously eliminated with the help of the apparatus. Fever and inflammations are eliminated within 3-4 days. It is hard to find any more effective therapy for treatment of infections and parasites.

�� It is possible to relieve pain almost at once. It is known that the magnetic frequencies in damaged cells are changed when pain is at hand. The crystal reads this change and effects the cells in way that the sound radiation is restored. Using adequate resonance therapy the nerve receptors do not receive any pathological information and the person does not suffer from pain any more. This is the case in 90-95% of all treatments. Acute pain is recommended to be treated first, with FRI-therapy.



9. Research Results: Result of treatment with Cem-Tech


A therapist used this method for six years since 2001 and found the following result.

1. Ulcer and ulcers on duodenum: The healing of the ulcer for 98% of the cases, good health status during five years after treatment for 79%.

2. Chronic bronchitis and asthma: Improved status for 87%, good state of health for two years and more for 68%.

3. Complications because of diabetes type 1: Healing of grey cataract for 78%, healing of kidney problems for 52 %, healing of heart-and vessel problems for 58%. 13% of children treated with insulin could stop intake insulin (under control of endocrinologists). Improvements in their health status were confirmed by laboratory tests. For 89% complications disappeared because of stabilized health status. General improvement of health for 96%, continued good stats for a year or more for 45%.

4. Hypertonic: Stable status with lower blood pressure in connection with less taking of medications for 82%, stabilizing of status for 89%, continued good state of health for one year or more for 75%.

5. Heart and vessel diseases: Reduction of number of acute periods for 82%, reduction of daily intake of medicine for 94%, continued health status for 82%.

6. Liver diseases: (cirrhosis, hepatitis, heptoses): Improvement of biochemical parameters of the liver function for 82%, normalizing of the structure the organs (according to ultrasonic sound examination and computer tomography) for 58%, continued improver state for a year or more for 73%.

7. Diseases in the female reproduction system: improvements for 83% continued improved state for a year or more for 74%.

8. Diseases in the male reproduction system: Improved state for 72% continued improved state for a year or more for 68%.

9. Diseases of movement: Improved state for 86%, continued improved health state a year or more for 72%.

10. Allergies: Improved state for 84% continued improved state for a year or more for 62%.


It is Necessary to repeat treatment twice or more.


Note: The values show patients who showed an improvement after MMV therapy, in percentage.

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